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AVS does not sell any product, but certifies a certain number of brands of processed products, a list of which can be found on this page.

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Every trader approved by AVS must possess a license whose validity is verifiable with an eleven-digit number.

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Are processed animal-based products lawful?


Extract from the book Le Marché du Halal, entre références religieuses & contraintes industrielles, Mostafa Brahimi & Fethallah Otmani.[1]   Today, more and more foodstuffs (cheeses, sweets, medicines, etc.) are being made with animal-based products. Muslims scholars, both past and present, have issued a number of opinions on products such as cheese (because of animal…

Our conception of Halal (first part)

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When Industrialisation and overconsumption empty the concept of Halal “If the son of Adam had a valley full of gold, he would want to have two valleys.” (Al-Bukhari) “Richness is not in the quantity of possessions (that one has); rather, true richness is the richness of one’s self (or contentment).” (Al-Bukhari)   The threats to the…

Check an accreditation

Any trader approved by AVS must have a license which validity is verifiable by an 11 digit number, which appears near the bottom of the document. You can check the license by entering the license number below. If the license is valid, the contact details of the actual trader will appear. If this is not the case, we urge you to report the incident in our “Fraud” section.


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